Meet Mark S A Smith

Mark S A Smith helps you understand what’s really possible with his insights in how to market and sell in unique and powerful ways.

He helps teams upgrade their sales skills and he helps executives up-level their strategic skills to substantially improve business results.

A professional speaker for 28 years, he has written 14 books in sales, marketing, and business development.

He hosts the Executive Strategy Summit and the Selling Disruption Show podcast.

What makes him unique is that he doesn’t have a canned program.

Drawing on his large body of work, he writes his events to match his clients’ specific meeting outcomes using a unique three-step collaboration process.

For that reason, he’s often the highest rated speaker on the program.

He’s open to a conversation to explore how to help you and your team meet your business objectives.

What Kind of Clients Choose Mark?

  • Corporations who need to improve sales, defend against competitors, or are bringing new, disruptive products to market
  • Associations who need to improve the business acumen and leadership skills of their members
  • Franchise Companies who need to uplevel their franchisees’ business skills: sales, marketing, customer service, operations
  • Conferences who need high-content keynotes and breakout sessions about better sales, effective marketing, better margins, and leadership skills